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These Terms and Conditions define the contractual relationship:



Sciola Import

Sole Proprietorship, whose head office is located Ch du Châtelard 5, CH 1860 in Aigle CHE-293.814.511 Hereinafter referred to as "Us"; FIRSTLY ;




Any natural or legal person making a purchase from Us for itself or for a third party, Hereinafter referred to as "You," ON THE OTHER HAND.


ARTICLE 01. VALIDITY Valid from 03-10-2014.





2-1 The contract between the professional client and our company comes into force by a customer order placed by phone, e-mail, fax, internet, SMS, or by voice and by its acceptance by SCIOLA IMPORT in the form of the delivery or an order confirmation. By payment the customer has read and accepted the 11 conditions. All customers can read the GTC published and permanently available on our website ( and and catalog. When quoting or offering by email, the GSC are always attached to the offer by mail. Therefore, any order entails Your full and entire membership, without exception or reservation, to the terms set forth in this contract. Anyone making a purchase is considered to be fully aware of it and can not deny this fact in case of dispute. Possibly subject to modification, it is understood that it is the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of registration of each order that are authentic. In case of dispute, an amicable solution is sought and, failing that, any dispute of any nature whatsoever is always the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in whose territory Sciola Import is domiciled and is therefore subject to Swiss law.


2-2 Our acceptance of Your order forms the sales contract between Us and You, governed by the Terms and Conditions defined by this contract. We then proceed to its treatment in accordance with the clauses provided for in this contract. In other words, at the time of registration of your order - duly completed with all your mandatory information - you expressly agree to the conditions of sale, delivery and warranty. This transaction constitutes Your signature which validates Your order and is worth full and unreserved acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


2-3 All Our contracts, and all Our sales, deliveries and other services, are fully subject to these Terms, unless they have been modified or supplemented by written agreements. The terms and conditions of sale of our business partners only apply if We have expressly acknowledged them in writing.


2-4 Any information or technical data relating to the individual goods communicated by the manufacturer thereof is the responsibility of the latter. The technical specifications and / or characteristics of the delivered products may differ from the data and information provided by the manufacturer. We can not be held responsible.

2-5 All information communicated on the goods during the ordering process is indicative - subject in particular to design changes (including technical) to improve the quality, functionality or performance of the latter, as well as errors in descriptions or illustrations. Datasheets and photographs, for example, do not constitute an offer in the legal sense of the word, so that only the order placed between You and Us constitutes such an offer.


2-6 For reasons of manufacture, slight differences / variations can occur between an LED and its technical description, as well as between two LEDs that are theoretically identical (brightness, color temperature, noise, etc.). Insofar as these differences do not exceed 10%, the customer undertakes not to make a claim. In terms of color temperature more particularly, the customer accepts a margin of tolerance of plus or minus 200 K.


2-7 It is possible that in time, the silicones of the led strips, reflectors, lenses of the luminaires may yellow or change colors with wear. Such a case does not involve any support from us during the warranty.


2-8 Any defect in a portion of LED strip or fixtures less than 5% of the total length thereof is excluded from the warranty conditions. Such a case does not involve any support from us, this is part of the natural wear of LED components.


2-9 Each LED ribbon roll is supplied with approximately 10 to 20 cm of wire.


2-10 When ordering the led strip, the waterproof version can have 100 to 200k difference with the non waterproof version of the silicone surrounding the LED.


2-11 the yield or other data from horticultural LED luminaires are indicative only and do not bind our company, the growers or the store.


2-12 The rates of thc, CBD, terpenes, resin and yield (weight) can not be guaranteed by our company more than 26 factors influence the yield on the production. (Day temperature, night temperature, humidity, VPD, water temperature, root temperature, substrate type used, genetics, water intake, nutrient intake, nutrient deficiencies, pests, diseases , ventilation, co2 rate, air turnover, temperature variation, humidity variation, density of root system, size of growing space, lamp height, plant stress, size pots, number of plants per lamp, growth time, pH, EC, root oxygenation, oxygenation of water, size, method used by the grower, quality of the water, the fertilizer range used, the farmer's experience.) 2-13 The sale of horticultural LED lights for illegal production is prohibited.




3-1 Items delivered to you shall remain our property for as long as You have not discharged Your obligations to us and, in particular, the total amount of the invoice corresponding to the order you have taken from Us.


3-2 However, you are responsible for the risk of loss or destruction of these items upon delivery, even if You are not yet the owner.


3-3 In the case of a late payment or a payment default despite reminders, in accordance with the clearly specified deadlines on your invoice attached to the items ordered at the time of their delivery, and in the case where no conciliation has occurred. could have been found, We reserve the right to require You to return these items to us at your expense in their unopened organ packaging. Otherwise, you will be charged a packing fee.




4-1 The selling prices of our own goods or services are expressed in Swiss francs [CHF], excluding taxes applicable in Switzerland [VAT (7.7%), in particular] not included, excluding postage and packing. Calculated according to the place of delivery of your order [Switzerland or outside Switzerland] and depending on the mode of shipment chosen, postage, packing and other incidental costs are always always invoiced in addition to the the total amount of your order [the rate for each individual package being shipped, means].


4-2 The price announced at the time of confirmation of Your order is guaranteed.


4-3 All invoices are payable in Swiss francs [CHF].


4-4 We reserve the right to change Our prices at any time without notice. We also reserve the right to adjust Our prices based on fluctuations in exchange rates and material costs. Items are billed at the price in effect at the time of registration of the order.


4-5 We invite Our partners who benefit from a special discount to place an order via Our email address (


4-6 For any custom product, a deposit of 80% of the total price communicated is required to order.




The information provided regarding the timeframe in which Your order is likely to be shipped to you is only indicative. As such, they can not be guaranteed. We can not be held responsible for late delivery due to any external event that does not allow the delivery of products within standard deadlines. In other words, delivery times given as an indication can not give rise, on the part of the customer, to the cancellation of the order, or to any claim for damages.




Your purchases are delivered to you at the name and delivery address you indicated during the order process. All our products are shipped by La Poste or any other delivery service and under the responsibility of the customer. From the moment the goods leave Our warehouses, the delivery times are then the responsibility of Our partners and We can not be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in delivery. Late delivery does not entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract or to claim compensation, especially if it is a custom order or a jackpot for a project. We reserve the right to withdraw from the contract if We can not source from our supplier or only under difficult conditions. Where applicable, We are obliged to inform the customer immediately - and to refund it in case of advance payment without damage and interest.

6-1 Delivery problem In case of problem [damaged package, already open or damaged goods],

You must, upon receipt of the package, immediately inform the delivery company. We can not be held responsible.


6-2 Availability If the ordered article is available in stock, the delivery time is 1 to 5 working days for any order registered before 1 pm [working day]. In case of out of stock, or for any custom item, the delay is approximately 30 working days. Delivery times begin only at the time of confirmation of the order and the payment of any down payment has been made. In case of force majeure or exceptional events delaying or prohibiting the delivery of the goods, We are released from all liability. In any case, delivery within the time limits communicated can only occur if all Your obligations towards Us have been fulfilled. A delay in delivery does not give the client the right to withdraw from the contract or to claim compensation.


- For any person domiciled in Switzerland, upon receipt of the material, You are required to make a payment to 30 days net [maximum] on invoice of all items of Your order. After this time, a reminder fee of 5 to 20 Swiss francs is required. For any custom product, a deposit of 80% of the total price communicated to you is requested when ordering. In the case of a late payment or a non-payment despite reminders, in accordance with the indications of deadlines clearly specified on your invoice attached to the items ordered at the time of their delivery, and in the case where no conciliation could have been We reserve the right to require You to return these items to us at Your expense. Any costs caused by late or non-payment (including prosecution costs, if any), as well as late payment interest, are the responsibility of the buyer.


- Payment for orders made by persons residing outside Swiss territory must be made in advance, in Swiss francs [CHF], by bank transfer.




No withdrawal period may be granted following the validation of Your order. In case of problem [damaged or already opened parcel], You must, upon receipt of the parcel, inform the delivery company directly. We can not be held responsible. You have the possibility to return to us the article (s) which You ordered [s] under certain conditions expressly explained in the present contract [any return of merchandise outside these conditions and our agreement is excluded].


- In the case of a product that does not comply with Your order, You can return it, accompanied by a photo and a detailed written note, within 7 days of receipt. No returns are accepted after this time. The goods must be returned to us in an irreproachable condition - unused or damaged - complete and in its original packaging. Subject to compliance with all these conditions, We undertake to ship to you, as soon as possible and at Our expense, the replaced merchandise and hence compliant with Your order. In addition, as compensation, We will give you a voucher for the net amount of shipping costs incurred to return the item (s) concerned.


- In the case of a defect of goods, once Our prior express agreement obtained, You can return it to us, accompanied by a photo and a detailed written note, within 7 days of its reception. No returns are accepted after this time. Once the return validated, and subject to compliance with all these conditions, We commit ourselves to exchange it as soon as possible and at Our expense. In addition, as compensation, We will give you a voucher for the net amount of shipping costs incurred to return the item (s) concerned.


- For any other return, Our prior express agreement obtained and subject to compliance with all conditions stipulated in this contract, a credit note corresponding to the value of the item (s) returned [s] is established. A percentage of 30% is deducted from the net value, excluding taxes, of equipment for return, management and repackaging costs. No credit note can give rise to a refund. Credit notes are deducted from the total amount of Your next purchase. No return authorization is granted for custom, customized, modified, "prepared" items, specially ordered for a project or subject to a surcharge or special conditions. So that we can respond to Your request and treat it as soon as possible, You must attach to Your sending [picture and written note included] a copy of the invoice sent to you by parcel. All items are to be sent to the following address: Sciola Import - Ch Châtelard 5 - CH 1860 Aigle. After a period of 60 days once the goods have been received, no complaint is accepted - except for any case that meets the warranty conditions defined by this contract.





We provide a 24 month warranty [from the date on your invoice or delivery note] on all our products

- unless otherwise stated on the item itself. Are categorically excluded from the guarantee [non-exhaustive list]:

- any wear part, normal wear, excessive wear;

- the normal decrease in power;

- damage due to false maneuvers / handling errors, falls, shocks or knocks;

- equipment that has been damaged, repaired, modified or converted

- that has been improperly installed, installed or maintained;

- defects resulting from any faulty intervention, defects due to negligence, misuse, non-compliance with our instructions for maintenance and use;

- leakproof products that have been used in humid environments or outdoors [these products are intended exclusively for use indoors and in dry conditions];

- deteriorations and defects caused by natural wear, by external accident or by a technical intervention of a third party;

- damage caused to any third party or to any property by any material supplied by Us;

- returned products broken or damaged;

- returned products marked with ink or any other substance [We do not accept under any circumstances to take back under warranty a product on which any annotation has been made by means of a pen or any other writing instrument or marking].


For any defect occurring after delivery of the goods to the customer, We have the right to repair or replace the defective products. The customer is not entitled to a change or a price reduction. A repair under the guarantee does not extend the duration of the guarantee - which therefore remains 24 months. For warranty and / or service extension contracts, the corresponding provisions apply in addition. The guarantee of our products is valid only on presentation of the invoice or the delivery note. The 24-month warranty covers only parts of the faulty product repair - Most components are interchangeable with connectors and returned to customers who will change them themselves. all the conditions of this being validated. During the warranty period, the spare parts are sent to the customers who will change them themselves, the products are as far as possible replaced, it does not include dismantling and reassembly at the customer. The products are sent and delivered to Sciola Import at the customer's expense. Unable to repair or replace a product, it will be given to the customer a product of equivalent performance and may be with a different design and measurements. The manufacturer may request to return the fixtures to examine them and find a solution to the problems., The customer agrees to claim nothing as damages. We can not estimate the time of the analysis and the replacement of the luminaires. The customer undertakes not to claim any damages or loss of profits.

To the extent permitted by law, liability for damages is excluded. In particular, Sciola Import is not liable for damage caused to an installation by products sold, defective or resulting from improper installation / use or damage due to natural wear and tear. Similarly, Sciola Import does not assume any responsibility for the collateral consequences of a warranty or malfunction of a product (eg labor, loss of profits, damages, basket rental). , fire or any damage attributed to an installation, the yields obtained with horticultural LED lights, are not guaranteed, more than 26 factors influence plants, yield, THC, CBD, (day temperature, night temperature, humidity, vpd, water temperature, root temperature, type of substrate used, genetics, water intake, nutrient intake, nutrient deficiencies, pests, diseases, ventilation, co2 levels, renewal of air, temperature variation, humidity variation, density of root system, size of growing space, height of lamp, stress of plants, size of pots, number of plants per lamp, growth time, Ph, EC, oxygenase roots, oxygenation of water, size. we can not guarantee a minimum of production. The values ​​listed in our catalog, website or other media are purely indicative and do not in any way stores, distributor, manufacturer, Sciola Import or F.O.G. The customer agrees not to claim anything. In the event of lighting defects Sciola Import assumes no liability for damages and interest on lost profits or otherwise. We advise you to make an insurance RC. The products are guaranteed by the manufacturer, date of payment from the manufacturer, in case of transfer of activity by the manufacturer, the guarantee falls can not be claimed from Sciola Import.


In the event of unavailability of the equipment to be replaced, We reserve the right to replace it with similar or equivalent equipment, without the possibility of a claim for compensation or compensation. In all cases, shipping costs remain your responsibility. We do not take under warranty replacement labor costs or defective products due to incompatibility issues between the products supplied by us and third party products. Our guarantees are registered and apply only in Switzerland. No goods shipped outside of Switzerland are covered by our warranty.




- LED lights require a stabilized and filtered power supply for this type of technology. For a 24 V LED strip, for example, the required low-voltage power supply is obtained using a 220 V / 24 V converter [or transformer]. For any LED product, it is imperative that you follow the instructions carefully. may impair the operation and life of the installation. Please also note that our warranty terms apply only if the transformers / converters comply with Our LED products and have been purchased from us.


- Any electrical product must be properly grounded and connected by a professional.

- The installation of LED strips requires the wearing of suitable gloves [latex, vinyl ...].

- In order to ensure optimal heat dissipation generated by the LED strips, it is essential to use a suitable aluminum profile and not to exceed the recommended one-piece length. We only guarantee Our products under this express condition.

- In order to guarantee the watertightness of a wet installation, it is necessary to use a suitable aluminum profile and to follow the sealing procedure when it is put in place. It is also imperative not to exceed the recommended length of one piece.

- Applying a silicone thread in the grooves, as well as at each end, an LED profile is a prerequisite to ensure the degree of tightness announced. Without silicone seal, we do not guarantee the tightness of our products.


- DALI controllers: To avoid any risk of shifting, it is advisable not to go beyond one module per pushbutton. Failure to comply with all these instructions is the sole responsibility of the buyer.




-1 Legal notices If you have any comments or questions about Sciola Import, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to or by writing to the following address: Sciola Import -Ch du Châtelard 5 - CH 1860 eagle. We are at Your disposal for any information


10-2 Applicable law All clauses in these T & Cs, as well as in all the purchase and sale transactions referred to therein, are subject to Swiss law. It applies for any dispute. Jurisdiction and place of performance are at Aigle [VD]. Our company, however, is always striving to amicably settle any disputes that may oppose it to its customers.


10-3 Responsibility We are committed to making every effort to ensure the highest possible quality of service, in accordance with the standards and values ​​of our company. Nevertheless, We can not be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of the ordered items - and in particular in the case of any delay in the delivery of these articles by Our partners of routing of the parcels [La Poste or any other delivery service local or international]. We can not certify minimum efficiency with horticultural LED lights.


10-4 Protection of personal data Regardless of the nature of the personal data about you that We are made aware of, We commit ourselves to treat them with the strictest confidentiality, to protect them and to make no use of them other than that necessary for the Execution of Your requests or improvement of services that may be offered to you. In particular, we may use them to provide you with: information, promotional information, commercial offers and services. You may, however, at any time exercise Your right to access, rectify or oppose this data by writing us an email - at



10-5 Copyright and credits Any content produced by Sciola Import - text, comment, illustration, photography, etc. - is our strict property, protected by national and international legislation on intellectual property. Therefore :


- Any use, adaptation or representation in any form or by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited and subject to copyright. You are not allowed to copy, save, reproduce or print this content for any use other than that which allows you to make Your purchases under this contract.


- We reserve the right to take action against You if any of these contents, whatever their nature [image, text, code, etc.], were used without Our express written permission for purposes other than those mentioned in this contract.


10-6 Images and photographs Images, drawings and photographs of products, as well as photographs of achievements, are presented for information purposes only and are not contractual. [Note: All photographs in Our General Catalog and on Our Website are photographs of Our Own Achievements taken - in agreement with Our Guests - In Situ.]




ARTICLE 11. ILEGAL CULTURE 11-1. Products obtained through Sciola import will not be available, delivered, prepared, processed, manufactured, offered for sale, sold, delivered, transported or in stock at the buyer's premises, if Sciola import has knowledge or Serious reasons to suspect that these products are intended to be used to commit criminal offenses on the opium law, cannabis, hemp in Switzerland or internationally.


11-2. The buyer is deemed to have knowledge of the sale, sale, delivery or supply of products supplied by Sciola import to another buyer guilty of growing hemp of a professional or commercial nature mentioned above or on a large scale. and / or organized, or facilitating the cultivation of illegal hemp.


11-3. With regard to the duty of care to Sciola Import, as the purchaser of the products supplied by Sciola Import, and to prevent Sciola Import from being guilty of violation of the opium law, cannabis, hemp in Switzerland or internationally. The buyer declares by placing his order by Sciola Import, the products ordered by him must not be made available, delivered, prepared, processed, manufactured, offered for sale, sold, supplied or transported for the purpose of illegal cultivation professional or hemp trade or on a large scale and / or organized.


11-4. If the buyer is familiar in any way with the fact that the products purchased or delivered by him will be used for large-scale professional and / or organized cultivation of hemp, illegal, as mentioned in this notice of Disclaimer, he undertakes, by purchasing products from Sciola Import, to immediately inform Sciola Import about this.


11-5. The buyer undertakes not to export products to countries where importing products under the country's legislation is a criminal offense. If the buyer violates this obligation or violates the foreign penal provisions regarding possession or use of products under the legislation of the country, he will act in accordance with paragraphs 6, 7 and 8 of this disclaimer.


11-6. If the buyer acts contrary to the provisions of this exclusion of liability, Sciola Import will immediately terminate the contract and will not proceed with the delivery. All professional contracts with the buyer in question will be immediately terminated. Sciola Import is then entitled to charge all damages, including loss of profit, to the buyer. In this case, the buyer is not entitled to compensation.


11-7. In the event of an order, purchase, sale, delivery or making available to professional or commercial customers, large-scale or professional, products ordered or obtained by Sciola Import, in violation of this non-contractual liability and / or Swiss legislation on opium and cannabis, In respect of cannabis products and / or products, he is liable for all damage caused to Sciola Import as a result of investigations or criminal proceedings, as well as damages related to administrative measures taken against Sciola Import and / or its employees.


11-8. The term "damages" includes all direct or indirect damages, material and immaterial damages, business interruptions, indirect and other damages that Sciola Import will suffer as a result of a judicial inquiry and / or prosecution and / or administrative measures. These losses also include, but are not limited to, loss of profits, legal advice and other types of advice, reputational damage, loss of property, and damage to property and immaterial property.

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