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Greenhouse test with X-VEG 200W

Observations based on 9 months of greenhouse cultivation with

18h photoperiod and variable back-up lighting (LED / HPS)

between 3h -8h depending on the season. Results valid as a reference

in the case of hybrid culture in greenhouse (glass or polycarbonate).

Plants with LED lighting are in better general health.

With HPS lamps, we notice in particular a bigger presence of dust mites and the powdery mildew fungus.

The vigor of the plants is equivalent in the two greenhouses.

The growth rate is faster under X-VEG 200W LED luminaires.

The internodes are tighter with X-VEG 200W LED luminaires.

The climate is hotter and drier with Gavita 400W HPS lamps.

Test report carried out on September 26, 2021 by the operations manager:

Gabriele Guglielmi at Phytocann Suisse

Download PDF • 7.61MB

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